International Road Cargo Transportations

Transportations are carried out by cargo tractor units of brand DAF FT XF 105.460 and DAF XF 105.410 corresponding to the requirements of EURO-5, EURO-6 and semitrailers of brand Schmitz Cargobull. Transportation control is carried out by continuous transport tracking using GPS-system. Types of semitrailers:

  • Semitrailer side tent
  • Semitrailer side tent (CURTAINS)
  • Semitrailer side tent MEGA (can be converted to a platform for oversized cargo transportation).
  • Refrigerator Semitrailer
  • Two-tier Refrigerator Semitrailer

Transport company PTUE “Ersh Trans” provides the following transport services:

  • complete cargo transportation;
  • European groupage cargo transportation;
  • perishable cargo transportation.

Geography of Routes

Dump Truck Transportation

 The company provides transportation of bulk cargo: sand, breakstone, gravel and other bulk cargo, as well as transportation of asphalt. The dump truck of MAZ 6501В5 brand with body space 15.4 m3 and carrying capacity up to 20850 kg. carries out transportation.

The cost of transportation depends on the declared volume and distance of transportation. Hourly payment is possible.

Rent of Digger

 Caterpillar digger CAT 320 DL is the digger of medium dimensions (length: 9460 mm; width: 3180 mm; height: 3440 mm.) designed specifically for moving large volumes of soil in places where it is impossible to use large-sized machinery. This is an indispensable special equipment on construction sites, when planning and implementing landscape design, for laying sewer systems, communication networks, while conducting road works.

Parking for Trucks

Parking for trucks is located in a closed and fully protected area. The territory is under video surveillance. The 24-hour parking mode will provide quick access to your vehicle.

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